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Park City Homecoming

{Dinner on Main Street, Park City}

{When you don't have a date to impress... you order this}

{I am telling you, you ALWAYS have to get a mirror pic at dances.}

Our date pictures. America's Next Top Model status.

I can tell you that the entire night, I could not stop laughing.

Night makers:
  • Curling Alisa's hair in the car
  • Quoting She's the Man and Baby Mama throughout the entire night
  • Ordering a hamburger with Alisa because we didn't have dates to impress
  • Playing cards in the lobby of the lodge when we got sick of dancing
  • Whipping our hair back and forth. (I can't really move my neck to well today)
  • Having Sara's date pick her up... and Alisa... and me...
  • Making two more best friends.

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