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Life's Little Instructions

Say please and thank you. Call a friend. Write a letter. Never turn down homemade brownies. Remember peoples birthdays. Say "hi" to a stranger. Bake something. Meditate often. Take long walks. Take risks. Don't be afraid to fall in love. Keep secrets. Say I love you. Laugh. Give hugs. Count your blessing. Don't expect life to be fair. Always accept an outreached hand. Be easily inspired. Be the first to hello. Make eye contact. Listen to others. Always be different. Rekindle old friendships. Strive for excellence, not perfection. Kiss. Ponder. Never turn down an adventure. Look your best. Smile. Be there when people need you. Ask if you can help, don't be asked. Drop by unexpectedly with treats. Be confident. Make new friends, cherish old ones. Share your talents. Be genuine. Be accepting. Include everyone. Give 100%. Be yourself.

{Inspired by a good friend}

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