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One thing about getting married in two months is that I will FINALLY have a place of my own that I can decorate however I please. I have heard so many people complain about doing their registry, but I am having an absolute ball going through and picking out things that I like!!! 

I was feeling overwhelmed on where to register, and what to register for because I am so picky and I just want everything to match. So after doing some research, I have decided on the color scheme of my house! I am sticking to all white, copper (rose gold, gold) and marble. That way I know Everything looks good together, and that it will all be classic and beautiful! 

I am getting a white bed spread and my goal is to accessorize my bed with fun pillows. I am thinking ones with fur, gold and maybe pink. I have already cleared my bedroom/ house plans with Taylor, and he is being such a sweetie and letting me do whatever I want! I initially found a pink bed spread from Anthropologie that I wanted, but I opted for the white version instead. It's the little compromises people. Now I get to add pink pillows :) 

Today i just discovered that H&M has a home section..... UMMMMM BYE. It is amazing. The best part is, they have all the things that go along with my color scheme!!!

Oh ps... This may or may not be the color scheme of my wedding!! Because why not have the them of your wedding be the theme of your house?? 

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