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Top picks for Perfume


Last weekend Taylor and I went shopping for new perfume. Something about being engaged and feeling more mature now, (I guess??) I have been looking for the perfect scent! I am glad we finally got around to going and trying new perfumes out! We spent about 2 hours sniffing and testing them out, and these were my top three. 

1. Hanae Mori is the one that I went home with. I really loved the other two, but I felt like this scent was the best for everyday. It is fresh and clean and mature, and I like that it is unique. 

2. Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede. This one is definitely the next one I will buy. It smells so clean and the best part is that with Jo Malone, it is all about mixing. I got a bunch of sample, so I am going to try those out for the next little while until I am ready for a new perfume. 

3. Prada Candy. I really liked this one, the only thing is that it is so distinct, so I felt like it was more for going out, rather than an everyday thing. Although it is amazing. 

Next thing I am looking into are candles! YUM!! 

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