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Marshmallow Fireside


My favorite candle. Makes my room smell like smores and campfire without all the bugs and tents. 
It is amazing. I bought it at the Bath and Body Works outlet in PC. 
My 3 new favorite Nail Polish colors. 
Aspens I LOVE YOU.
The leaves up here...
My favorite song by John Mayer. I have John Mayer obsessions. Age of Worry. 
Calligraphy practice, Sometimes I practice calligraphy quotes I found on Pinterest...
and I love Pride and prejudice so yeah, this one was perfect. 
This man is amazing. He also suggested we take a selfie. Love you DEANO!!
I found myself getting emotional at a wedding I went to last night. (I wasn't even in the ceremony... bless my heart.)
It made me miss my man. Note to self... don't go to weddings when you miss your missionary. bad idea. 

I spent the weekend with the Brands. (Tays family) it was so great. On Friday night I went to dinner with Tay's mom at this new Mexican restaurant in Holladay. Taco chips, guac and tacos. Nothing I love more. Then I had a sleepover with Tay's sister. We went to breakfast and a movie on saturday with everyone and it was so much fun. Love that family. So glad they let me come around even though Taylor isn't here :)

On repeat:
Not Too Late by Nora Jones
Ben Howard pandora
Alone by Trampled by Turtles
XO by John Mayer


  1. Can I just say that i think you are the cutest human! John Mayer and Pride & Prejudice are the best on rainy days... or any day for that matter! I love your blog! Stay awesome!!!

    1. Thank you so much Olivia :) That is very nice of you to say! Ugh you are so right. Nothing makes me happier than John Mayer or amazing love stories :)


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