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but first, let me take a selfie


In my defense, my teacher made me do it. He is the one who assigned us the "self portrait" {aka Selfie} assignment. and you know what? I'm not mad about it. 

Life is good because I am going to Switzerland in 2 months and I am like freaking out because i'm a little nervous but like so excited that it is finally almost here!! 

I am more obsessed with calligraphy than ever. I will be posting more pics about that soon :) 

I am obsessed with Barbecuing. like is that normal for a girl? I crave steak. 

The sun is out and that really makes me happy. Maybe I should wash my car after 6 months? Living in Utah washing a car is always a risk. You never know when it's going to rain again so why do it? 

I am listening to yoga music right now and I'm half asleep so...

I hope everyone is doing well :) Thank you for your comments and for following my blog :) I just love blogging. 


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  1. hello sweet girl! i just saw your comment on my blog and you are just the nicest little thing! yes, it does go by faster! just wait until the second year starts and it will fly by!

    hugs and hugs and kisses!


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