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Calligraphy & Shadows

I can't even tell you how obsessed with calligraphy I am. I am like writing calligraphy in my mind while I type this post. I Can't get enough of it. I bought myself my first calligraphy pen two nights ago, and every spare minute since I got it, I have been practicing. It is a good reason for me to write people that I love little "thinking of you" notes. Because everybody deserves something pretty and handwritten in the mail sometimes. I have always loved stationary. Ever since I was little. I have always been all about leaving notes on peoples pillows or whatever it may be. This is just a little way to show somebody that you love them. Thinking of starting my own little calligraphy company :) 

I wrote these little notes last night, and this morning after I made myself a yummy bacon and smoothie breakfast, there was this gorgeous shadow in my room. Sorry If you think the photos are a bit excessive, but I just couldn't get enough of playing with the shadow!! My two favorite things, photography and calligraphy :)

It is friday and all of my roommates have left me for the weekend. I am trying to decide if I drive to Rexburg, ID to visit my sis and nephew, or if I go home to Park City. It is a unknown to me right now. I role so last minute that sometimes it causes me stress. I am not a planner. I like the spontaneity of doing something last minute. So I will let you know later what I decide to do this weekend :) I hope that you all have a fun Spontaneous weekend. Send someone a little "thinking of you" note. And I promise you, they'll love it. 

xoxo, Kar

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