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can it be spring already

I made these little bears for the two little rascals that I nanny for for lunch. Gotta make them eat somehow!
Laura went to the ER on Saturday night. I was the one who called 911 and I was kind of a mess. They asked me how old she was and I could not remember at the time because I was so stressed out. 
Cool frozen spring run off from my hike today.
You would think I would be over him after 7 months. hahaha good one.
Let me design your business cards for you :)
This break all I have really done is take care of my sister Laura who just had ACL surgery, nanny, and workout. It has been so nice though. Thinking I may just stay here for the remainder of the school year. The sun shines more which makes me happy.

I am a graphic designer for any of you that didn't know. I am obsessed with doing things on my computer as well as anything handwritten or art related (photography). I do hand printed wedding invitations, cards and business cards on my computer, or anything really that you may need. I love doing it and love having people to do it for. Contact me by clicking the envelope on the right if you may be interested in working something out. I'll keep posting my stuff as I do it as well :)

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