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Grappa on Main

because we are not good at taking pictures of our faces...
My favorite little house
The top of Park City near the Montage. 
On friday Tay surprised me and took me to my favorite restaurant Grappa at the top of Main Street. It is the perfect Italian environment and just the cutest little restaurant. We had a nice little chat, and then we hiked to the water towers that overlook Park City. After our little walk up the mountain in my new shoes (I debated going barefoot) we went to our good friends beautiful home at the top of Park City for some games and Nitro Circus videos. It was one of my favorite dates that I have had so far. I sure do love that boy.
On Saturday we went with some of Taylor's friends to my first drive in movie. It was quite the crowded but fun experience. I had such a fun weekend and I hope that you all did too! The only downside was moving everything we own out of our house in three days and into a condo. Luckily we are finished with that!

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