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Acai, hikes and waterfalls

The amazing Acai Bowl. 

Today was my first day in Hawaii, and I think it is safe to say we accomplished everything on my to do list. At the top of my to do list was getting an Acai Bowl. Omg guys they are to die for. Please tell me you have had one? Please. After we got Acai for lunch, we hiked up to that gorgeous waterfall you see right up there^^^ and we jumped into the fresh water. It wasn't exactly legal, but it was so fun. Oh and you see those pink things on the ground? That is from a flower that grows. It covered the trail as we were walking and it was so cool! The whole hike was pure jungle and it was the coolest hike i have ever been on. After our hike in the rain... did i mention it was in the rain? We stopped by Turtle Bay Resort and hopped in their hot tub. We then stopped at a Thai Truck on our way home and had some Curry for dinner. Yumm. I told you it was a successful day! It was so successful that i forgot how to talk by the end of the day. Like I am so tired so maybe i should stop typing. I got here at four last night and it is only 8pm here right now, but it feels like 12a. I ramble when i get tired. So ill stop. I am excited for 6 more days of adventures here. Looks like i'll be blogging more than I though because I have wifi. yay!

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