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Alice in Wonderland.

For my honors English class, we were assigned a creative novel project and we had to read a book from the AP reading list. I read the book Alice in Wonderland. We had to do a presentation for our class and i decided that since the book is so creative and interesting, I would make a collage. I went through about 30 Vogue and Lucky magazines and found things that represent symbols in the book and this is what i found :)

Alice sitting by the river,
The side ways tree represents her falling underground.

Then she falls down the rabbits hole.

The blue caterpillar (or in the case of my collage, a butterfly),
The cats smile,
and the cake she eats. (or in my case, a donut.)

Mad Hatter and the tea party.

The Queen of Hearts.

Painting the roses red... with red lipstick.
The Flamingos used as the Queens Mallots but in my case, I used peacocks.


Most fun project i have ever done for a class. Interperate it how you would like. So much cutting and pasting but, 14 hours well spent :) 

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