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Brite Nites does the lights here!! The whole ambiance of this restaurant is incredible. 
It's so weird how fast time flies... Like Lola is graduated!! What on this earth!! She is my little princess... She can't be old enough? Anyway... Oh well! I am so excited because now she is going to join me at USU!! I am so excited for her to be up there with me!

Last night we went to Laura's gradation and then we went to my absolute favorite restaurant in Park City, Grappa. My family only goes there for special occasions, and last night was definitely a special occasion!! I ordered the steak and I was in food heaven. Then they brought us each a little cup of mango and strawberry sherbet, and macaroons. It really doesn't get better. 

It's fine if you can't tell us apart... Everyone struggles with it. I am three years older (and wiser) to help with any confusion you may have... And I am in the striped dress, to make it really easy on you. 

The last time I went to GRAPPA was when TAYLOR took me there as a surprise and that was just the cutest thing ever. Oh BTW August 1st can't come soon enough!!! (Some how I find a way to always bring it back to Taylor... hahahaha...)

ANYWAY... Congrats Laura!! I love you!! 

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  1. August 1st?? That's so soon, I'm so excited for you! ❤️ cute post, as always!


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