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On Saturday my friend and I went to the MKTO and Nico and Vinz concert.
It was seriously a blast, and it only cost one dollar. Best dollar ever spent. 

Writing more letters because soon enough I won't have anyone to write!
Which isn't a bad thing ;)

This was a project I made for my 3D design class. I literally spent 8 hours drilling out the center.
It was the hardest thing ever!! If you want me to post how I did it I would be happy too :) If anyone cares!
This is my little work space at my internship for ALTRA. I like my little spot! 
Ok I am officially dying. 100 days! I never thought it would come, and tomorrow we will be in the double digits! I am so excited/ nervous ETC!
Hope you are all having a great week! 


  1. YAAAAS FOR MISSIONARY COUNTDOWNS! so exciting! also - your 3d project is incredible. like, can i decorate my house with that? it's gorg!

  2. Thanks so much for your sweet comment:) they always make me happy! As for the project, you need one of these! I think they're so cute! You can totally buy mine from me if you want;) haha but your comments always make me happy, so thank you!


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