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Those days where you are like NO.

So can we talk about those days that just suck? I have had like three days in a row like that. I have no idea what the deal is, but I want to document them so I can look back and laugh and them down the road. 

To list a few: 

//  I hit a car... I was looking for my granola bar that fell on the floor and we were at a stop light. THE DUMBEST THING!!! I didn't realize my foot was off the break so I rolled forward but luckily it was so slow and didn't like fully run into them, just barely tapped them. Luckily there wasn't even a dent on his car. Gosh I was embarrassed. 

// Paying a SHIZ ton of money to print projects for design. Too much money.

// Missing my favorite person. (always)

// Taking a drug test for my new job and not being able to pee in the stupid cup... I can NOT pee under pressure!! hahaha so silly but I can't do it. (well after a while I finally did...)

// Endless projects with serious lack of motivation. Can I graduate yet and move to California? 

// My room that never stays clean. I always joke (to myself) that someone else comes in and tries on all my clothes and leaves them on the floor then doesn't clean them up. But nope, its just me. 

// Saying the wrong things. 

HAHA I am embarrassed to admit a majority of this... But it's all about keeping it real... Am I right? Luckily I have Natural Grocers to take my stress away. I stop there daily to by a kombucha and a healthy treat. It is my favorite part of the day most days. And I had to post that pic cuz I woke up with pretty good bed head. So I guess life isn't horrible ;) hehe

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