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Magazine cover for my type and image class. ^
Today was a happy day. And those haven't been coming around for me as often as I would like. I am going to give you a play by play, mostly so I can remember the simple events that made me so incredibly content today:

8:00 am Woke up {late} I ate coconut yogurt for breaky.
8:30 Type, Image and Continuity class. We discussed an upcoming project with Red Bull
11:00 Gym. I just got a new gym membership at Sports Academy, so I am loving my workouts lately. I am getting a trainer next week too... Which I am stoked about!
12:00 pm Lunch. Eggs and Turkey Bacon {DELISH}
1:00 History of Graphic Design {making a spread about an alcoholic Artist}
4:00 Natural Grocers (I make daily stops here to buy a Kombucha and my favorite three ingredient treat. Peppermint, dark chocolate and honey. York Mints are my favorite treat so when I found these little pieces of healthy heaven, I almost cried.)
5:00 Baking, I made delicious Home made Granola. Thats what I ate for din because it tasted amazing. And I haven't been feeling 100% so it seemed to be a good option.
6:00 Back to school to finish the spread.
8:00 Hobby Lobby to buy poster board and paint for a special project.
9-10:40 Creating things to my hearts content with paint and paper. 
11:00 Blogging then Bed!

Today was my perfect day. As crazy as that sounds. I am so thankful. I am finally realizing the simple pleasures of life that I never stop to ponder or be thankful for. One thing that has helped me is less social media. Mostly Instagram. I am going to do a lot less posting on my Insta, and more posting on my blog. I have realized I am way to dependent on my phone and I have felt free since I deleted instagram and twitter off my phone. My rule is that I can check them when I am on my computer, but I can't download it onto my phone for a while. I have felt so much happier and I have been SO MUCH MORE productive without it. Hopefully I can stay off of it for a while. 

My life is simple, but I am so blessed. I am trying to remember that when times get hard or sad. Take a moment to do service today. I promise it will make you happy!!! 

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