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Valentines Weekend

This weekend I went to Arizona for a soccer tournament to watch my little sister Laura play. Poor girl only got to play one half before she was injured and tore her ACL :( for you sports people you understand just how devastating that is for a soccer player. She was heart broken. 
^^ Baby girl on crutches^^
^^^ We stopped at Hoover Dam on our way home from AZ. Who knew that was there?^^
^^^Even though my Valentine was in Wisconsin this year, he managed to make my day :) ^^^
^^^My elder has been out for SIX MONTHS!!! Please tell me it will go by faster because I am like no.^^^
I hope that everyone had a nice weekend :) I sure did in the 85° weather. It was beautiful and I decided that I will live in California or somewhere sunny this time next year. K maybe not, but I wouldn't mind if that happened.
Thanks for reading. :)

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