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5 Easy Meals

Salmon, Tilapia, Kale and Spinach salad with Balsamic, Olive Oil and Honey,
and baked Zucchini and Beets. 
Because my new diet (I'll go more into detail about it later) is focused on healing my body and putting my Auto-immune disease into remission, I am not able to eat a wide range of foods that are hard for the body to digest. Hunter and I have been cooking meals that I can eat. We make alterations to each of our meals so that we both get what we want or need. I can't eat tomatoes, but hunter can, so we add or take away things for each of us. These are a few of the meals we have made. 
Grilled Chicken Salad with Avocado, Celery, Cucumber, Kale, Spinach Romain
and a yummy cinnamon, apple cider vinegar and garlic Dressing. 
Lettuce wrap Burger with tomato (made before I cut out tomatoes), grilled mushrooms, Avocado
and Sweet potato fries. MY FAVE.
Tilapia. Baked Brussel sprouts, Avocado, Cabbage, and Cole Slaw with olive oil and lime. 
Grilled Chicken salad with Kale and Spinach, Avocado, Balsamic and Olive oil with Honey,
Sweet potato fries and pineapple. 

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