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I have been feeling discouraged with my results of Hashimotos lately. I blame it on my need to read about the disease (I HATE calling it that...) constantly.
When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's, my doctor told me it might be beneficial to read the book Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab Tests Are Normal? He also told me to check out the website to get a better understanding of what it is that I have, why I have it, where it came from etc. From there I did more research, found blogs, instagram accounts, websites etc. of people who also have Hashimoto's. I looked up a list of celebrities who have it, or something like it... Oprah, Kim Cattrall (SATC), Jillian Michaels... and so forth. I wanted to fully understand it and know about it so when people asked, I would have answers. 
During this research I found that the results I wanted weren't happening as fast as some of the people I was reading about. Many of the stories I found were *Lady felt tired and other symptoms, went to doctor, found out she has Hashimoto's, went on the thyroid pill, felt better three days later.* blah blah. And here I am on the pill, (thyroid replacement 3X a day), on a ridiculously strict diet; No Wheat, dairy, Soy, Corn, Eggs, Peanuts, Almonds, Oats. I take 10 vitamins a day and I am getting so good at doing that, that I swallow them all in one shot. And yet, 4 weeks of this and I still feel about the same. Minus the fact that I have lost three pounds. Which I am grateful for because I have read horror stories about weight loss and Hypothyroidism. Again, another reason I should not compare my progress to anyone else's... This is my realization that I shouldn't worry about what other people are doing, I should just focus on my own progress in overcoming Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism and I will let my body work the kinks out while I am 100% dedicated to doing everything I can to help it on its way.
I just need to be thankful for the progress I have made. I know that my body is healing itself from the inside out. Even though I can't see it, I know that my body is thanking me. Two months ago I never thought I would find out what was wrong with me, so I am so incredibly grateful that I have that all figured out. I will work out the kinks along the way. I guess I just got too excited thinking I would heal in 3 days like people in the success stories I have read about, but my body has who knows how many years of damage from gluten, and other things that it is silly of my to think it would heal that fast. I will continue to learn about Hashimoto's, but not compare myself to other peoples progress.
If  this Auto immune disease is something you have never heard of... maybe check out to get more information :)

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