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I found the perfect dress. It was $24 at Nordstrom Rack. I am taking a yoga class and it is Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11-12. I have classes after yoga until 4:15. Until today, all I have worn to those classes are yoga pants and puffy coats because I don't have time to get ready after yoga. I decided today to wear this little dress over my yoga top and pants. It looked like I had gotten ready, when all I did was throw that little zip up dress on to make it look like I did. Maybe I'm the only one impressed... and that's ok :)
Anyway... I am obsessed with Yoga. I like being one of the most flexible people in the class, and I know that it is only a competition between you and yourself... but I just wanted to take inventory of everyone around me so I could only focus on myself ;) For some reason my teacher never says namaste after class... I always feel like I'm in my zen mode and then she is like "thanks everyone for coming" and I'm like... WHAT ABOUT NAMASTE!!! So me and my friend are just going to look at each other and say it from now on ;) I like closure.
Everyone should go sign up for yoga. It changes people.


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