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Rachel's Baby Shower

Yesterday was Rachel's baby shower. My little nephew William is due August 31 and I am so excited to meet that little peanut. Rachel is going to be such a great mom and I am so happy for her and Luke! 
We went to lunch at this little Italian restaurant on the corner in Sandpoint. It was the perfect spot for a baby shower. All of the women that are here at our cabin went and celebrated little William and Rachel for the day. It was nice to just chat with our family that we only see once or twice a year and start a new tradition of ladies day out. I love you Rachel and Will!

^^^uhh, is she for real? And she is almost a grandma.^^^
 And then it turned into a photoshoot...
^^^ and then a walk to get ice cream^^^
^^^ Rachel and Auntie Grandma Val^^^

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