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NEW YORK CITY: day three


January 27 

Lalo Cafe.

Yes, waffles for lunch.
I love brick wall!
It was a red kind of day.
Phantom of the Opera

Midnight Cupcakes in bed.

Like I said, we splurged... all I have to say to that is thank goodness we walked around 10 miles a day. Day three was a rainy one, but a rainy one well spent! We went to the Guggenheim which was so interesting. Seeing original Picasso and Van Gogh is something really amazing. After our museum tour we walked across the street to central park in the rain with our umbrellas. We found our little cafe that we were looking for. Cafe Lalo. It is in the cutest part of town and it had amazing waffles with cinnimon whipped cream. oh and I can't forget the little stop at Magnolias again on our way home... don't worry we bought some to stay and eat there and to take home. Because of all the walking, we stopped at our hotel and took a power nap which turned into 2 hours of much needed rest. we woke up to a pretty sunset and got ready for the Phantom of the Opera. It was absolutely unreal how well those people can sing. The settings and props were so amazing as well. I loved it. That lovely outing followed by a midnight cupcake from magnolias from our earlier stop during the day.

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