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NEW YORK CITY: day four

January 28

The secret restaurant Hudson Clearwater

Saturday was a very busy day for us. We started out the day by doing some shopping then later that evening we decided to walk along the Brooklyn Bridge.We were planning on staying in Brooklyn for pizza at Grimaldi's, but when we got there, the line to eat was out the door! We stopped at Starbucks for a quick hot chocolate and some pumpkin bread (my favorite) We headed back to Manhattan. I read on a Cup Of Jo that there was a secret restaurant called Hudson Clearwater so my and my mom looked it up. We found the address, but it was so hidden that we didn't know where the door was! We almost turned around but then we realized this creepy green door in the middle of this brick wall. We walked in and it let us to this quaint little garden with tight strung above us. It was so cute. Once we opened the curtain to the restaurant, not even knowing what to expect, there was a fun atmosphere of friendly people and candles all through out the restaurant. It was so cool to know about this little place that a lot of New Yorkers probably don't even know about! After our dinner we walked through Rockefeller which was the last thing on our list of place to see and things to accomplish while in NYC. We got there are saw the skating rink. My mom told me that I should go but she doesn't like skating so I would have to go alone. I was hesitant to skate alone and the skates would be awful but I did it! It was so amazing. I LOVED IT! Wow my trip to new york was so awesome! I miss it already. My mama was the best travel buddy/ subway navigator ever!

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