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NEW YORK CITY: day one

January 25

our flight there=death. I hate turbulance.
Grand Central Station
Empire State Building
The cool and mysterious corner
Home from New York! It was absolutely amazing. I loved it there so much! By the end of each day, I would not even be able to feel my feet. I really think that they were bruised on the bottom. We did so much walking. Walking to and from the subway, to and from shops, around central park and so much more. I think that we did everything possible that you can do in ny in 5 days. We saw so many sites and found the best shopping! Sorry for the overload of pics you will see on this blog over the next few days, there is just so much for me to share!

The day we got there, January 25 was my birthday. We flew into Jersey and took a shuttle to our hotel. We unpacked our things and headed right out to the city. We went to a birthday dinner for me. I also ate my first bite of sugar in 25 days. My chocolatey chocolate cake was worth every bite. After our little dinner we walked to Grand Central Station. I read somewhere that if you talk into one of the four corners of GCS you can hear the person talking to you from the other side so for my birthday, my mom sang to me through the wall. It was so crazy! We also got Magnolia bakery cupcakes. One of many trips we took there. Once we had our cupcakes, we headed to the Empire State Building and went to the very top. It was such a thrill and almost kind of scary being all the way up there, but it was so amazing at night. We walked back to our hotel which was very close to Times Square.
love love love nyc.

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