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2011 you will be missed

Looking back on 2011

Hawaii - February
Washington D.C with friends-March
I don't know, I just like this picture...

My love for baking!
  1. Going to Hawaii
  2. Going to Washington D.C
  3. Going to Canada 3 times
  4. Moving to Park City (some rough times, but for the most part good)
  5. Starting figure skating
  6. Imma Senior
  7. Acceptance to the University of Utah
  8. New change of scenery
  9. My first kiss (so what... I was 17, sue me.)
  10. First skate show
  11. The best Christmas present ever... NYC
  12. Realized that baking isn't all that bad, infact I love it! I just hate cleaning up...
  13. New found love for the color red
  14. Ice Skating with Willow Smith
  15. Seeing Bieber in PC
  16. 11/11/11
  17. No math classes
  18. New glasses
  19. Never been closer with my sisters
  20. Starting this blog
2011 brought me a lot of amazing times with family and friends as well as some hard and challenging times. I wouldn't change a thing though. Here is to a good 2011 and hopefully an even better 2012! Lots of love from Canada right now! Stay up late tomorrow night and see you next year!

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