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Karamel Pretzels


Is it to early to start listening to Christmas music? The weather here is just teasing me. I woke up to 2 or 3 inches of snow this morning and the temperature was a high of 27 degrees.  It made me want to watch Christmas movies and jam the Christmas tunes. But it is a little too early to start on my Christmas phase so I only listened to Jon Schmidt's winter CD while my sisters and I made these caramel and chocolate covered pretzels.

How to make dipped caramel and chocolate pretzels
First we dipped the tips of the pretzels in caramel and put them in the freezer for about 20 minutes. While they were freezing, we took a bag of Ghirardelli Milk and White chocolate chips and melted them in separate pans on the oven with some shortening so it would thin the chocolate out. Then we dipped our pretzels in the chocolate and added different sprinkles and toppings to each one.


  1. Hey sweety! I am doing fantastic! How are you?! Miss you too, I heard you were modeling for a little bit? How fun! What have you been up to? Hopefully we will get to see each other soon :)

    and those look so yummy!!! the weather here in CO is teasing us also :)


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