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A List.


A List of randomness...
  • Note to ALL guys. If you call a girl and ask her on a date, don't change your mind half way through the phone call and ask her sister.
  • Get better mama! She broke her wrist today.
  • I wont be in NYC this weekend.
  • My first blind date tomorrow! (different than the other date I talked about)
  • Lunch time is the worst part of my day. I am sick of sitting in my car! (not to be a complainer)
  • My new boots that came in the mail! Tip of the day: If your boots don't fit, there may or may not be stuffing shoved in the toe ;)
  • Best part of my week: cuddling up during a snow storm and watching a good movie.
  • So ready for the weekend.

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  1. Kar, that picture of you and Zoe and the other beautiful girl that I don't know is adorable. You are a doll.


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