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Taylor and I have been married for 3 months! It has been such an adventure and exciting time for us!! Taylor is the kindest person I know. He makes me calm, and makes me laugh. He helps me be less judge mental and is the best darn kisser in the world! I love you Taylor! I promise I wont do this every month... This one was just fun for us!!

Taylor brought me home flowers after work. He works all day Saturdays and so he came home with the best surprise!! We went on a date to Callaway's which is Italian. After our dinner we came back and did what we do best. Relax and watch Guardians of the Galaxy. Tay and I have a mutual love for Chris Pratt so it's ok. 

I love flowers. T know's me too well!

Hope you had a nice weekend! We have been watching conference and eating yummy waffles today! Post on that coming soon. 


Karli Brand

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