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My Favorite Things


From left to right: 
Latisse: I recently had fake eye lashes and they didn't go over so well for me. They made most of my eyelashes break off, so I made an investment in Latisse. I have used Latisse before and it always amazes me how amazing it works!!! My eyelashes go above my eyebrows and I love it. I also use it on my eyebrows because mine need some assistance. 

Bior√© Strips: This is my latest thing... I have seen them around a ton but never tried them until a few weeks ago! They are the best things and make my pores feel much better. Taylor and I do them together hehe... 

MAC Pink Plaid: Favorite color!!! 

Diamond Dazzle Stick: best ring cleaner and I can take it anywhere I go! It always makes my ring look brand new and like the day I got it!! 

Alba Scrub: I bought this product at natural grocers a couple months ago, and i absolutely love it! It is all natural ingredients and it leaves my skin feeling SOOOO smooth!!! Great for pre wedding preparation!! 

This picture is just a few more of my favorite things :) 
Notebook // Kate Spade Glasses // MAC Lipsticks // Fragrance

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