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Workout Weekend


This weekend was so nice. I had work off saturday and sunday, so saturday morning I went with my family to do a kick as$ workout. We do what we call the "stair workout". It is on main street in PC. The workout includes running up the stair cases, then walking in between until we get to the next set of stairs. It is so hard, but I would rather do hill sprints then run 4 miles. So it is kind of what I enjoy in a workout. Also, the leaves here are already turning! They are so pretty.
Last night was a good friends wedding so I went with my mom and sisters, it is always such a good time to see all of the girls that I grew up with. We are always so excited to see each other when we get together and I love it. I hate admitting it, but going to all of these weddings is making me excited for my own. (who knows when that will be).
Thank you for reading, Enjoy your holiday!

ps. I updated my ABOUT page. 

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