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I literally feel like the most awkward person behind the camera. But thanks to Hunter for taking these pics of me!

I have been feeling so tired lately. Like I can't fall asleep until two hours after I get in bed. I am seriously confused. Lack of sleep makes me feel all sorts of random emotions that I don't feel usually. Anxiety as well. Thank heavens for Yoga. I have been looking forward to it since Thursday. I get to go tomorrow at 11! Then I am getting my first massage tomorrow evening. It will be a beautiful day and much needed relaxing day. What do you do to stay relaxed and relieve stress? All tips welcome :)

On my mind:
-People that chastise others for watching the Superbowl on a Sunday? I mean come on.
-I actually watched the whole Superbowl. I was bored out of my mind, but I thought that Taylor would be proud.
-I ran a mile and a half today. I wanted to do 2, but I was physically exhausted and hungry.
-Coconut and Avocado are my best friends
-Grocery shopping is one of my hobbies
-My brain is all over the place right now
-Going to Costa Vida because they are a food joint that actually knows what gluten is. I hate it when I am like at a restaurant and I am like "Is this gluten free?" and they ask me what that is. I immediately just say never mind and leave. I just can't risk it!!

Looking forward to my first giveaway!! It will be on Wednesday, so look back on Wednesday to see what you need to do enter!

Love to you all.

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