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Weekly Workout Schedule

So I have never liked running. Ever. My family is full of crazy athletic people. My parents have both done more than one Ironman each, and my sisters have great endurance. I like to say that gene skipped me ;) Well... as I mentioned in yesterdays post, I am training for my first ever half marathon! It is in Hurricane (St. George) in April. I walked 13 miles over the summer in my Ralph Lauren shoes (ouch) it was a very lasttttt minute decision. But I did it. My butt was so sore the next day, but I did it! 13 miles is a lot, and I am really looking forward to the training for this race!!
I bet some of you are laughing at my time. 3 miles in 31 minutes. I know! But I didn't stop, (except at the street crossings) and I was very impressed with myself :) That was on saturday. My training schedule is to go up 1/2 a mile a week. So this saturday I will be running 3.5 miles. Last week I skipped from 2-3 miles cuz I was feeling good :) I went running today, but I just felt so tired! I ran a mile, then I did sprints for 3/4 of a mile. I am exhausted. But if this program doesn't whip my bootay into shape, then heaven help me because I don't know what will.

My weekly training program:
M,W*: Running. easier runs on M+W, Longer runs on Friday or Saturday depending. (cardio day)
T, TH*: I have a yoga class on T+TH, so I do an hour of yoga, then I go to the gym later that day to do weights. (basically an all strength, upper, and core day)
Friday and Saturday are always mixed up. I try to do my long run day on friday, but if I can't do it that day, then I do it saturday. I run half a mile more than I did the friday or saturday before. I improv on whatever day I don't do my long run. Either hiking, walking, yoga video, ice skating... whatever it is.
*I always stretch after my workout. I am obsessed with stretching. I am trying to be as flexible as I once was!
Sunday is my rest day. Thank heavens for that :)

I try to hike at least one day a week. But that usually only happens when I am home in Park City. Unless any of you Logan people are into hiking?

I love working out guys. I live in my Lulus. What would I do without them? IDK!!!

I hope that you all have a great workout today :)

(disclaimer: My workout program has been made by my trainer, my kick butt mother, and sister who workout for a living)

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