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My life changed on 12/26/2013


Read on if you are interested.

I have been having stomach problems for about 5 years now. Bloating, feeling uncomfortable, sharp pains etc. I have seen various doctors that tell me to keep a diary of the foods I eat and what makes my stomach hurt… basically, they were no help and wanted me to figure out what I could and couldn’t eat. It started getting so frustrating. I went about diagnosing myself. I started cutting things out of my diet to see what helped and what didn't. The first thing to go was dairy (this was about 5 years ago) It helped for a while, but then I realized I still was having stomach aches. So I continued to eat dairy thinking that it wasn't my problem. A few years later (I know, it took that long) I cut gluten out completely. This was June of 2013. I felt really good and kick A$$ for about a week, but realized that a week later my stomach aches came back and that I would get bloated and my stomach would cramp up even though I was still not eating gluten. I felt extra discouraged because now it wasn’t just the dairy or the gluten, there was something else I was missing. So a few months later I cut out dairy and gluten altogether. Again, I felt great for about a week. I actually had a flat stomach, for about that whole week. Something that with the way I was eating should have been inevitable for everyday. But wasn’t. Not to mention the fact that I was working out everyday. Nothing too strenuous, but enough for me to be frustrated that my diet was paleo for the most part, and I have weighed the same exact weight for 8 months. Even going off gluten for 5 months I didn’t lose one single pound. I wasn’t eating any gluten substitutes either. I also stayed away from rice and oats. Basically was off all grains.  I realized that this was not normal and that something must be wrong with me. Or maybe I didn't know how to diet? Anyway, I went to the doctor in November only to find out that I was "perfectly healthy". When I knew in fact that that was not possible because of the way I felt every night when I went to bed. I asked my gastrointestinal doctor to check my thyroid because he took my blood and was going to run a bunch of other tests. He did. My test results came up and I had another appointment with that same doctor only to find out that my Thyroid indeed was fine. 
I left that appointment feeling like there would be no cure to whatever it is that I had. I worried for my wedding day and the fact that I will most likely feel bloated and uncomfortable just like every other day of my life. It really made me worried that I would never be able to cuddle with someone on the couch and feel completely comfortable. Obviously that isn't the only bad part. I would go to school at the beginning of the day with pants that fit perfectly and are even a little loose on the waist (my favorite thing) to come home at the end of the day with my pants completely undone because my stomach felt so bloated. This had become a daily occurrence. I planned my outfits around the way I knew I might feel at the end of the day seeing as 98% of the time, that is how I felt. 
I got a call from my dad saying that he got an opening with a doctor who heals a lot of people who have stomach issues. I made and went to an appointment and answered a ton of questions, he took my blood and I was on my way. Two weeks later I had an appointment (December 26, 2013) to discuss my results. My mom asked me if I wanted her to come with me and I responded saying that that wasn’t necessary because they are probably not going to find out anything helpful, and they will tell me I’m perfectly healthy. That was honestly what I thought I was going to hear. My doctor came in the room saying "we found things we expected, but we did find something that we didn't expect" I felt a sense of relief. No matter what it was I wanted them to at least know what was wrong with me. That day I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Hashimotos. It is in fact my thyroid gland that is the problem. (I'm ready to go back and yell at the doctor that told me my thyroid was normal). After all this time I felt like it was my fault that I couldn't lose weight, even though I live a very healthy lifestyle. My doctor also informed me that I am allergic to wheat, milk, corn, almonds, peanuts, oats, and soy. 
Luckily for me, my cure is vitamins and a very strict paleo diet that doesn't include any of those food groups. 
I am on week 4 of recovery, and I still feel a little off because I know that my body is ridding itself of the toxins. But I feel really optimistic about what the next little while of my life holds as I figure out what my body can digest and what I can't. 
Keeping up with Kar is going to turn into a journal of my progress and how I feel and how I hope to overcome Hashimotos disease. I am definitely still learning about it. But I am already feeling more in tune with my body than I have in years. I will share recipes of foods I eat, my workout regimen, and my progress. I am training for a half marathon in April then I head to Switzerland in June, so I want to be in top shape for those two big events in my life. I also hope to understand more of what I can and can’t eat by then.
If any of you have insight on anything, I would love to read comments and things like that.
I will be better at posting because I finally know now what I want to make KUWK! Don't worry, it wont just be health. I still want to post other things too.
This is exciting guys. I am feeling really positive about this!!

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