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On a monday

Its a monday, which means it is back to the grind of living healthy and exercising :) I don't know about you guys, but for me it is always a challenge to decide what to eat and when to prepare it and such. So I am going to give you guys some ideas for meals. I will post what I eat and such to maybe give you an idea :) If that is just not up your alley, then I apologize. But I think writing it will even help me to remember a wide variety of meals.
Breakfast idea: Buckwheat {my go to everyday since I am allergic to eggs and oats, my two other favorite things to eat for breaky} I add chia seeds, coconut milk, half a banana, honey, cinnamon and unsweetened coconut if I have some :) It takes some getting used to, but it is delicious!!
Lunch idea: I usually eat left overs of whatever I made myself for dinner the night before. But today I grilled some chicken in olive oil with some lemon pepper, and an avocado (delicious combo!) and a pomegranate for dessert :)
Snack idea: My go to snack is an apple (Fuji and Green apples are my favorite) drizzled in honey and cinnamon. Basically, if a food tastes good with cinnamon I add it. I love cinnamon. Not to mention all of the amazing health benefits!! (banana with honey and cinnamon is yummy too :)
Dinner idea: Today I made myself Butternut Squash Soup. IT IS AMAZING! It is my favorite thing my mom makes when I go home, only eating it once every two weeks was not enough so I had to make it for my self :) I will share a butternut squash soup recipe tomorrow because it is my all time favorite.
I will keep these food ideas coming. If any of you have any questions about a recipe or about something that I posted, just write it in the comments or email me! I love the comments :)
As well as eating healthy, exercise is also so important! And while it is important to listen to your body, here is what I did for my workout today.
Run .5 miles on a 7.5. Speed up to 8 on the last .1 mile.
Do 10 lbs X 21 bicep reps. half way up 7 times, then the other half 7 times, then all the way up and down 7 times.
Do a shoulder workout 10 lbs X 15 reps
Tricep workout 10 lbs X 15 reps.

I repeated that three times then did some abs and stretching. Easier day for me, but thats what I did!!
I hope that everyone is well.
Thank you for reading!! Love you all.

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