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Ironman Couer D' Alene


^Pretty Lady on her birthday the day before the race.^

The support crew.
^mom stopped to smell the roses during her marathon.^
Last sunday my parents did an Ironman here at my cabin. A full ironman. It's a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and a 26.2 mile run (marathon). All of the athletes have until midnight to finish. That gives the athletes 18 hours to complete the race. I honestly can't even comprehend working out for 18 hours (that is for the people who come in walking, the winner did it in 8 and a half hours.) My parents did amazing. My dad didn't even train for it and he went out there and did it. It is also very exhausting to be a spectator. We were out there all day and through the night cheering for the athletes. Trying to coordinate when we would see our mom and dad pass us on the course. I saw my dad around mile thirteen on the marathon and he was sore. He has bad knees so it was hard on him to do a marathon without even training. I felt so emotional when he passed and then I decided that if my amazing dad can do an Ironman without even training, I can walk a half marathon with him. So my dad and I walked the last thirteen miles of his race together. Pushing each other and keeping each other going. He was amazing. I knew his body hurt, but he did it, and didn't complain. He told me that I can do anything I want if i put my mind to it. I was proud I was able to do that with my dad. I am so proud of my amazing parents. They have always taught me that i can do hard things. They proved that the second they crossed the finish line. My parents are so amazing.

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