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Long week

{Sequins and Sparkles cheer everyone up}
I don't usually have bad days, or weeks, but this week has just proved me wrong. By Monday this week, I was asking if it was Friday yet, and everyday after that was just going by slower and slower. Things kept happening that just disappointed me and there was nothing I could do. I am just excited to be able to start a new week and forget about this one. Sorry for the negativity my friends, but this happens to everyone right? Please tell me I am not the only one.

Look at the bright side though, 45 days until Christmas! Man a break sounds lovely right about now. I am excited to celebrate 11.11.11 tomorrow! Are you doing anything fun for the weekend?

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  1. Kar, I know exactly how you feel! This week has been one of those for me too. I hope it gets better for you!


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