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Oh Canada!

My 3 beautiful sisters. AJ is missing.

The Family.

This is all of us cramming into one bathroom to get ready for the wedding.
Typical girl house. Even if there are two other bathrooms, who wants to get
ready alone? The more the merrier :)

This weekend my cousin got married. Her wedding was in Canada so my family and I packed up and drove to Canada. It was well worth the drive but i wish we could have stayed a few more days.

I have been kind of obsessed with weddings lately from all of the Bridal Fairs and weddings that i have been going to so i loved this wedding because it was so classy. I can't wait for one of my sisters to get married so i can help them plan it! (no pressure Jage:)

If you are ever in Canada, pick up a Cadbury CRUNCHIE bar. They are the greatest candy bars in the entire world!!!

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