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I am grateful for my Momma. Every morning, for as long as i can remember, she wakes up and makes lunches for me and my three sisters. She is superwoman. (i have four sisters, but one is in college:)

I loved my seminary class, since it is Easter this sunday, we had a lesson on the Savior. I am so greatful for all of the things that my Savior has done for me. I love Easter weekend and the fact that we can reflect on the Savior, and acknowledge the price he paid for each one of us to come to this earth.

I literally started crying in my current issues class when we saw a video of children who have fathers in war, it showed a few dads who went home for a day to surprise their kids. The little kids were so surprised/happy and they ran up to their dads and gave them the biggest hugs ever. Some of them even cried. that was when i cried... (kinda embarrassing, i have never cried in class before haha)

I am sad/scared to lose my wisdom (teeth) tomorrow.

I wish i didn't have this cold any more.

One of the girls in AP art drew me and a friend for the art show at our school... we had to hold still for an hour and a half! It was fun though.

I am excited for EARTH DAY tomorrow!!

A few tips on how to save our earth :)
  • Turn the lights off... better yet, don't turn them on! (unless absolutely necessary :)
  • Recycle all that you can
  • Go paperless (even at school?)
  • Limit the length of your shower
  • Don't leave the water running when you are brushing your teeth
  • Pick up someone else's trash
  • Ride a bike somewhere instead of drive.

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