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Easter weekend!

Happy Easter Weekend!

This friday i got my wisdom teeth out. It was rough! They put me out which was good. I don't even remember anything about it! All i know is that my cheeks are swollen and i just hope they are back to normal before Prom this saturday!

We woke up this morning and had an Easter Egg Hunt! I love having a six year old sister so that we can still do stuff like that:) but lets be honest... I would want to have one anyway even if she was older!

My Easter Basket
 I made a chocolate cake from scratch today but... I messed it up! I thought it tasted weird because my taste buds are messed up from the surgery... so I took it out early. i thought it was a lost cause but my mom tried it after i took it out of the oven and said that it tasted so good, but it was already ruined because it fell flat! I was sad.
                                                                                      So i had to redeem  myself:

I made a cake from a box. not near as good!

p.s. we were having our family weekly discussion tonight and we were talking about attitude. We read a great article that talked all about how attitude is all your choice. I really liked this qoute from the article:

"There is little difference in people, but that little difference
makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big
difference is whether it is positive or negative.

-W. Clement Stone

Hope you all had a great weekend! thanks for Keeping up with Kar!

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