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Keeping up with KAR(dashian)

I have wanted to start a blog for the longest time and I finally came around to it! I feel like i have been so blessed in my life and I want to share that happiness with you and by starting a blog, it seems like the perfect way to do that.

 I was sitting in the kitchen talking with my family trying to come up with a blog name and we decided on Keeping up with Kar like Keeping up with the KARdashians. Since my name is Karli, it only seems perfect! Clever huh? I am so excited to share about the things in my life that make me so happy.

Highlights of the past few months:

In February, me and the fam went to Hawaii! It was so amazing there!

  We love to do jumping photoshoots

A gorgeous beach along the North Shore
Surfing day
A surfing tournament

We went to a Sundance Film Fesival film called Life in a Day

They had all the direcors, actors and producers come out for a Q and A
session. That was so interesting!


Winter was so awesome this year! I was able to do so much and go so many places!

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