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Our ride home!!! A private plane!

This weekend Taylor and I and the whole Brand family went to a wedding in Arizona. We had such a blast!! We flew in early Friday morning and went to breakfast, then met up with more friends and family and saw Star Wars. I probably shouldn't admit it... but I totally fell asleep. I think that finals and everything has finally caught up with me and after a morning of travel I was just so tired! but Taylor really liked it. We ended the night by getting Mexican as per usual, and then went to some of our friends place that live down in Arizona. 

The next day we got up early and went to Last Chance. UMMM BYE! if you have never been there, you HAVE to go! It is amazing! I bought 7 items all for 70 dollars. The dress I wore at the wedding was a Free People dress that I had been wanting but when I first saw it, it was like $170... I got it for $25 people! it was amazing! 

The rest of the day was followed by a whole foods breakfast, and then wedding festivities! The wedding was gorgeous. And the dance party was the best dance party I have been to in so long!! I loved it so much! Taylor was the best dancer and I just can't wait to dance with him at my wedding!!!

It was the perfect kick off to end the semester and begin Christmas week!! I can't wait for the next few weeks because I am getting married and it is CHRISTMAS!! 

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