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I always feel like a five year old when it comes to my birthday. My mom was like "Ok Karli, now your birthday is over" because I just want to keep using it as an excuse to celebrate. Last week when I was emailing Taylor (a whole week before my birthday) I was like "Taylor, are you forgetting something?" he was so confused and then I was like "tay it's my birthday" he was like "KARLI I didn't forget, in fact I sent you a package in the mail." I felt so silly, I then apologized for being five years old and jumping the gun. I am probably the most impatient person when it comes to anything in life. I think that my biggest pet peeve is when someone is like "I have something to tell you but I will wait until I see you in person." Seriously that bugs the crap out of me. I HATE surprises but love them at the same time. Like at christmas I wanted to open all of my presents then wrap them up again. Especially the one from Taylor. That was torture to see it sitting there. 

Anyway... my birthday was such a fun one this year! We went to the Foundry Grill at Sundance which is my favorite restaurant. It is our tradition to go to the Grill every year for my birthday! I feel so lucky. I love that place so much. I have so many good memories there! Then on sunday, I walked around Main Street with my little sister star gazing. Since it is Sundance Film Festival, there are so many people overcrowding PC. Let me just say it is hard because I couldn't even find parking at the gym. I have a love hate relationship with the film festival. Mostly love because my birthday always falls right in the prime of it!

Whelp, now I am 21, and I have a feeling that lots of good things will happen this year ;)

(sorry for the excess of "quotes" in this post ;)

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  1. you have the most beautiful smile - all of these pictures are so fun! pc is a magical place. (although you're totally right, the parking is horrendous!) foundry grill is the BEST choice. happy 21st!


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