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As you may be able to tell, I am gold obsessed right now. With my gold themed Thanksgiving table and now my black and gold Christmas presents. I just can't get enough!! I am so excited for Christmas this year and I just want my people to open their presents already!! I can't wait to see their reaction :) I was eager and decided to wrap my presents so early this year because we don't even have our tree up! I gotta get in the Christmas spirit somehow...

The winner of my giveaway was Kelsey!!!

Life is veryyyyyy exciting right now. Lots of good, big things. I am so happy!!! Maybe your tree will be more classic with red and green, but this year I wanted to go for something very classy. Black and Gold ;)

Enjoy your Friday! I am going to the DRAPER TREE OF LIFE that my dad's company does. My brother in law is the one who sold the job! It is so fun to see BRITE NITES get so much attention!!

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