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The card said "I LOVE YOU BABY"
Laura said "Kar, go look in the peep hole" hahah

She would kill me if she saw I posted this. She just had surgery and I hate seeing her in pain. 
Sunday breaky bc our hotel breakfast was so gross.

This post is a whole lot of randomness brought to you by your one and only. Life has been incredibly chaotic these past two weeks or so. Dealing with quitting, moving, finding a job and a lottttt more. I am just thankful I am still functioning. I got to spend my weekend in Vegas with my mom and my two sisters. Andee had a figure skating competition (she is so good!! She can do an Axel!) and we went to watch... and shop. I hit the jack pot guys. Can I rave about ZARA? It is for sure my favorite store. I love it. 

Life is good. to list a few reasons:
- Non stop Christmas music for the past week
- Laura who just had knee surgery. I always get so worried when people are sick or injured. I am so sad for her. 
- The Holiday and Jude Law. He is too cute
- Man Sweaters. (Tay I hope you like a good preppy sweater.) Refer to ASOS mens section of Sweaters & Cardigans. especially THIS ONE. It's perfect.
- Barre class= a nice tight a$*
- Caramel popcorn. Refer to Barre class above ^^^
- 8 months. 
- NYC at Christmas time next year
- My Mom. She is incredible and I don't thank her near enough
- The snow and the warm happy feelings these next few Holidays bring

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