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A print for my room about someone I kinda like


As I mentioned before, I am going to be a nanny this upcoming year for a family that was 2 boys and one on the way. I have already been their nanny/ babysitter for about a year and a half now, but things just got official and I have an amazing job as a live in nanny up here in Park City. I have the cutest room that I get to decorate as well. It is a win win win. 
My missionary and I have a little saying every time we close our letters, it is P.S. I love you more. 
It is our little thing. I know I know, we are just the cutest (kidding) but I made this cute little print to hang in my new room! I can't wait to show you what else I am doing to make that little space my own! 

Also, 30 days until SWITZERLAND!!! Unreal. 

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  1. ah wait why are you going to switzerland?

    1. I am doing study abroad for one month starting in June! It is through my school, USU, and it is for my major, Graphic Design!! I am so excited!!


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