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Good news and a blue house

I am pretty sure that I have posted a picture of this cute little house on main street before, but I have some good news and I just went and explored Old Town Park City because I am happy today and I love PC so it's ok right?

Ok so I am going to be obnoxious now.
I am so happy.

I have always had terrible luck when it comes to trying out for things, auditioning, applying etc. I usually plan for failure which is actually depressing. It all started in the 8th grade when my sister and I both tried out for student council. She made it and I didn't. By welcoming the new student council members they kidnapped them and took them to breakfast one morning. My sister and I shared a room and you can imagine how I felt when they picked her up for breakfast and not me.
There were a few other times where I tried out but didn't make it, but I wont bore you with those sob stories.
Well finally I have made it into something that I have worked really hard for and something that I really wanted. All of those hours in the computer lab paid off, and I will officially be a Graphic Design major. It is going to be so nice to have my own little 'in" group. There is nothing that I wanted more than to be a design major. I have known that it is what I have wanted for a really long time.
You could say I'm a little bit excited.

And what could be better than a weekend of photoshoots, friends and general conference? I mean. Life is beautiful.

I hope everyone enjoys their conference weekend!!

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