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3 Giveaway Winners!


Our winners for the Wild + Will giveaway are:

1. Brittany Bascom
2. Sydney Gillman
3. Rebecca Nielsen

Email me with your addresses so we can get you your ring!! :) (Click the envelope icon to the right)

Thank you all for playing along :) That was fun wasn't it? We are going to do another giveaway when
Wild + Will gets more letter rings in so I hope everyone enters that one as well!!

Tonight are the opening ceremonies, I am seriously so excited!! I am obsessed with the Olympics. I think I love the Winter Olympics so much because I grew up watching my dad play hockey, I did figure skating, my family lives in a ski town and we are big into skiing. ( Well not so much me... I don't really care too much to be cold) The winter olympics are just too good. I wish they ran for more than two weeks though. I am having some friends over to have an opening ceremonies olympics party :) Nothing better than being social and watching TV for hours. haha.

Thank you all for reading my blog!! Lots of love.
Have a good weekend :) 

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