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I am a huge breakfast person. I would eat breakfast foods all through out the day. Not to mention the amounts of oatmeal a week I consume. I am always looking for healthy breakfast recipes because I know just how important breakfast is to start your day off. As much as I try to eat healthy, my family has always had pancake or waffle sundays with eggs and bacon. I always loved and looked forward to that tradition, but now that don't eat dairy or gluten, it is hard for me to enjoy it! So luckily, I found the perfect pancake recipe! Now I don't have to sit the pancake sunday's out and just eat eggs. I can eat my vegan oatmeal and banana pancakes! They are definitely healthy, and if you are looking to indulge, they may not be the pancakes for you. But if you are going for something light and guilt free, give these a try!

Blend all of the ingredients together in a blender, except the bananas. Then add the two bananas and blend thoroughly until smooth. Lightly oil (grease) the griddle (coconut oil, pam, whatever your "thing" is). Pour pancakes and cook. Once the pancake bubbles up, flip it over. (I bet you already knew that) This makes a dozen medium sized pancakes. 

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