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a lonely saturday night

Why does it still have to be winter? I mean winter, I love you, January is the best month, but you ruin my plans with your freak snow storms!! How am i supposed to do something with my boy if you randomly decide snow is a good idea? I can't go to Salt Lake if the canyon is closed!!
Let me put it a different way: I am so glad that i am snowed in because now all i want to do is bake cookies even when i am gluten/sugar free. So thanks winter, for that craving/desire or whatever you call it. Luckily, I found a healthy alternative!! 
Baked grape fruit with honey and cinnamon
Sitting in the hot tub made me happy, even if it was snowing. 
twisted braid
taking inventory of my closet. What I need, what I need to get rid of. I don't like to have anything unnecessary.
I am now sitting in my bed blogging about it (i rock), wondering if nine o' clock is too early to go to sleep, but then i'm like "nahhhh" so goodnight my lovely blog friends.

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