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a hair post.


It's that time of year that my hair starts to drive me crazy. it goes darker, gets dry and thin, and other things. I just get so sick of it! this is the time of year that i can NOT make any drastic hair changes because i know i will regret in in the near future.
funny story actually, when i was a sophomore, i was sick of my hair so i asked my hair dresser to cut 6 inches off. She put it in a pony tail and snipped. The second she cut it, i cried. i cried for days. it was a travesty (sing "travesty" like in Pitch Perfect) anyway... back to the real post.
as i am sure whoever is reading this blog has had hair trauma. this blog post is just a reminder to myself, that it wont be winter forever, and soon the sun will be bleaching out my hair. but for now, i can just wish i was brave enough to dye my hair strawberry blonde like blake. the other picture of candice is me just wishing my hair looked that right now.
So if i start posting pictures of short a lines, stop me!! i wouldn't want to make any drastic decisions just because of this winter sulking.
hair hair hair. too bad there are other things more important!! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend :) thanks for reading!

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