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The Little Black Dress

*I made cupcakes!

My friend Sara and I planned a We don't Heart Valentine's Day party. The requirement: a Little Black Dress (LBD). Whoever said when you dress up, you should go out was very wrong.We did just the opposite. It was priceless. Not saying that all of these girls don't have boyfriends because some of them do, we just couldn't talk about boys all night. We had so much chocolate it was insane. It was fun to just forget about all the boys for just one night and have a girls night in. Black rose pedals, balloons and streamers were a must.

post coming soon on how to do the Rose Pedal Cupcake!


  1. Post coming up soon on how to do a rose pedal cupcake!!

  2. I love you sara! Such a fun night. WE are the best hosts ever!


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